We speak your language because we understand your needs

LocHouse has been offering customized solutions in the translation and project management segments for 15 years. For this purpose, the company counts on the experience and dedication of highly qualified specialists, coordinated by Lilian Alves Mautone, a professional with broad market experience and an extensive portfolio of international cases acquired over a period of more than twenty years, working in large companies in the sector. All this enables us to take on a constant commitment to quality.

But it’s not only in quality that our differential lies. Our commitment includes two aspects that we are proud to stress. The first is flexibility, which is, in our opinion, the best way to deal with the unexpected and the alterations that may take place during the execution of any job. Although our methods are designed to reduce re-working to the minimum, we understand and accept any adjustment that may be necessary and will deal with it pleasantly and in good time. A positive attitude to receiving alterations and the creativity to handle them are the fundamental aspects of our flexibility.

The second point, and just as important as the first, is our customer service. In the machine-to-machine and automation era in which we live today, the assurance that at the other end of the line there will be people dedicated to understanding what you need and giving you the feedback you expect is another crucial differential we have to offer.